About Us

We are Data Science at Georgia Tech, Georgia Tech's largest community of student data scientists.

Our vision is to foster passion in data science and create a positive impact on the community. This passion inspired Hacklytics, our data-science themed hackathon.

We encourage both experienced students and beginners to come together and build something new and impactful, while having fun!


Please see the MLH code of conduct.


Hacklytics is Georgia Tech’s 24 hour datathon brought to you by Data Science at Georgia Tech! Our theme for this year is "Change the World" with a focus on sustainability and growth. We hope to see fun, impactful and insightful projects that seek to bring change to society.

A datathon is a specific type of hackathon that focuses on data science. While this may make them seem constricted, we choose to approach them with the same idea as a normal hackathon, but applied to data science: whatever data you want, whatever language you want, whichever APIs you want, whatever ML/DL algorithm to analyze it you want. You can create visualizations, make a model, come up with insights and anything you find impactful!

Hacklytics will be held from February 22nd-23rd 2020 in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building, (266 Ferst Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30332).

You can fill out the form using the following link: tiny.cc/hacklytics-apply.
Applications close February 1st!

We will evaluate your responses to our questions and interest in participating and making the most of the datathon. (Don't worry - we won't be judging your writing skills!)

We will have mentors and volunteer forms up shortly. Keep an eye out for those!

Teams of up to 4 people are permitted. We will have a channel in Slack for other people who need to find a team and we will allow for team-building time before the hacking begins.

Nothing at all! Hacklytics is free of cost for you to attend and we will be providing food and hacking space.

Minors and non-students are not allowed to attend Hacklytics.

We have events and workshops as well as networking sessions planned out for you throughout the day, so you have something to do while that model finishes training!

Not at all! We welcome students with varying skill levels, and we have workshops and sessions planned for you to learn something. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced data scientist, we will have something for you!

Any hacking gear you need (laptop, hardware, chargers, batteries, etc.), comfortable clothes, toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.), a photo ID for registration, a government ID to rent hardware, and most importantly, yourself!

Unfortunately this year we will not be able to provide travel reimbursements to students.

Contact us at hacklyticsgt2020@gmail.com!

All hackers must adhere to the MLH code of conduct.

Data Sets

Data sets will be released the day before!


2/22 - Saturday 12:00 PM Participant check-in Klaus Atrium
1:00 PM Opening ceremony CoC 016
1:45 PM Team formation Klaus Atrium
Sponsor expo Klaus 1116 E
Work time begins
2:00 PM Workshop: Basics of Python Klaus 1456
Late check-in closes
3:00 PM Workshop: Ideation and Prototyping Klaus 1456
4:00 PM Workshop: Making Use of Data Klaus 1456
Workshop: Dim Reduction and PCA Klaus 2456
5:00 PM Workshop: Unsupervised Learning Klaus 1456
Workshop: Deep Learning Klaus 2456
6:00 PM The New York Times talk, featuring Andrew Marchese Klaus 1456
7:00 PM Dinner! Klaus 1116 W
8:00 PM Workshop: Predictive Analysis Klaus 1456

2/23 - Sunday 1:00 AM Midnight snack Klaus 1116 W
8:00 AM Breakfast! Klaus 1116 W
9:00 AM Andrew Marchese Q&A Klaus 1456
10:00 AM Workshop: Tableau Klaus 1456
12:00 PM Lunch! Klaus 1116 W
Devpost submission deadline
1:45 PM Work time ends
2:30 PM Demos! Klaus Atrium, Classrooms
4:00 PM Closing ceremony & awards Klaus Atrium

Major League Hacking 2020 Hackathon Season