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About Hacklytics

Hacklytics is Georgia Tech’s 24 hour datathon brought to you by Data Science at Georgia Tech! Our goal is to give students an opportunity to get hands-on experience with data science, collaborating on projects that make a real impact.

As the world is becoming increasingly dependent on data, our theme for Hacklytics 2021 is "Building a Data-Driven World". We look forward to seeing innovative projects inspired by using data as building blocks for a better world.

Hacklytics 2021 will be held virtually from February 6-7, 2021. Safety is our primary concern.

About Us

We are Data Science at Georgia Tech, Georgia Tech's largest community of student data scientists.

Our vision is to foster passion in data science and create a positive impact on the community. This passion inspired Hacklytics, our data-science themed hackathon.

We encourage both experienced students and beginners to come together and build something new and impactful, while having fun!


More coming soon!


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Get In Touch!

We're looking for mentors and volunteers to support our aspiring data scientists for a weekend of fun filled learning and hacking. Formal applications are coming soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, please reach out to us via email at hello@hacklytics.io if you have any questions or want to partner with us!